Family Taxi

Transportation Service

Children's schedules can be so busy that parent's often feel like taxi drivers. Being available to leave work early just to fight through this area's busy traffic for all of the pick ups and drop offs can really get tricky sometimes!  


We know late pick up fees can really add up, why not head straight home and skip the evening day care pick up? We're happy to give your kids a ride home! 

Scheduling is easy and flexible. We can provide transportation every day, or just on days you're running late, every Wednesday for soccer practice, and anything in between! Transportation services are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Our service provides transportation similar to an Uber or Lyft ride, but better.


  •  Parents can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we are a state licensed facility, which means all of our staff members have passed a fingerprint based criminal history background check, and central registry search.

  • It's Elementary! staff provide the transportation, because our service is only available to our registered families, your child rides only with someone they know.

  • We never use 15 passenger vans, it is not legal in Virginia for public schools to transport children using these vans because these vehicles are dangerous. A ton of information detailing the dangers of 12 to 15 passenger vans can be found with a quick internet search, we encourage all families to be well informed about the safety of their children, including their safety when being transported. 

  • We will leave your child in the care of another adult before we leave the drop off location.




We can take your child from our program to other locations, some examples are:       

  • sports practices

  • play dates

  • school performances

  • home

  • any just about anywhere else!

We can pick up your child from other locations and bring them to It's Elementary!, some examples are:

  • after school academies

  • religious studies 

  • boy/girl scouts

  • and just about anywhere else!

   Need us to pick up at an after school academy and drop off at an area sports practice? We can do that! How about transporting from our program to a school performance, and provide a ride home after the performance? We can do that too!




        Our private transportation service is available exclusively for It's Elementary! before & after school and summer camp families.This service may also extend to siblings of our registered students  

Transportation inside the 22101, 22046, and part of the 22043 zip codes is: $8 per trip  


Transportation inside the 22102 and and part of 22043 zip codes is: $12 per trip

For 22043 zip code and all other zip codes contact us for pricing information. All pricing is per child.

To Reserve Transportation:

To reserve transportation via "Family Taxi" send an email at least 48 hours prior to the date you need service, to with the transportation information (child's name, location to be picked up and/or dropped off, time of pick up or drop off, and date of service being requested). Transportation services are reserved on a first first come basis, and are dependent on available space. You must receive an email confirming that your transportation request has been accepted and scheduled, if you do not have a confirmation email yet, transportation has not been scheduled. If our transportation schedule is already full on your requested date we will send you an email letting you know there is no space available.