We are scheduled to re open Monday, April 6th.

Care options include;  Full Day, AM Care, PM Care, and Drop-In, with flexible scheduling available. 

Children 3 through 13 are welcome to attend, we also offer a 10% Sibling Discount.

Daily morning & afternoon continuing education time is provided for Pre-K thru 6th grade students.

Please scroll down the page for a list of our services, FAQ's, camps, forms, and more.


Staying connected while we're apart!

We will be sharing highlights of our kids, spreading positive messages, completing the daily assignments and activities we send them, and choosing to work hard and create awesome things outside of school!

This picture goes with our persuasive essay writing assignment.

Our kids wrote to us telling us why we should get a extra pet for our program. We think this Chihuahua idea seems pretty awesome.

We love seeing our kids sharing  positive messages with everyone. Everything will be ok!

Our class pet, Puffles takes a bath. Puffles reminds everyone to wash their hands, but don't forget the rest of you! Stay clean my friends!

What a wonderful time to be creative! Make cool fighter jet planes and everything and anything else, Take your time, and make something fantastic too. 

Services & Information:

Preschool thru

       grade 6

Like Uber for Kids 

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